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Things I'll Do If I Get Back To Poland

I miss Poland! Very very much! "From all the countries in Europe and you miss Poland? Why?" Yeah, I know it's weird. But Warsaw, Poland is the very first city/country I've ever lived in for more than 2 weeks beside Jakarta (I was born and raised in Jakarta, duh). That was the first time I've ever lived by myself. It was the first time I experienced winter. I can still remember exactly how happy I am touching my first snow and feeling the real minus temperature. I miss showing off my super basic Polish. I miss being center of attention beacuse I'm small and wear hijab. I miss trying new food. It was just so unforgettable. For those who wonder, I was in Poland on a purpose. I did a voluntary exchange for 2 months (January to February 2014) in Warsaw. I was in a project called Enter Your Future arranged by AIESEC in University of Warsaw. If you ask me where did I learn to present (in English) and handle a class, well thanks to this project. Every wee