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Senandung Maaf (Ukulele Cover)

I love music. I like to pretend that I live in a music video. It gives me spirit to do anything. I got pretty wide range of favorite music too, from renaissance to EDM. The only genre I don't do is metal. Oh have I told you I love singing? So much, I at least do humming if I hear some music. I can sing some notes pretty well. But not that awesome, tho. I am familiar with few musical instruments, too. But just a newbie. I play for fun only. Lately, my brother and I obsessed to ukulele cover. Never know it's not that hard and yes, it is that fun! We made some song covers, and here's the first good enough one that I upload. ENJOY!

Circle of Friends

"When you get older, your circle of friends would become smaller and smaller."  -Dad My dad told me this gazillion times whenever he did a once a year reunion with his college friends. And yes, it's a very small number of reunion attendees. I didn't even try to believe what my father told me. Hello, I am a kind of girl who easily blend in any groups. I could say, I got pretty much a lot of friends. And my plus point would be: I have a lot of energy, especially when it comes to a meet up. I said to myself, "I would do anything to meet up with as many friends I have. That's what friends are for!" Then reality hits me. I was young, I was naive. I forgot that I only got 24hours in a day. Now I struggle on juggling the balls of work, health, love, and fun. I got a very limited of time on balancing those balls. I need to manage them well. As for now, I put fun as the least priority. I could say, I only give fun 15% of my time in a week. Whic