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Melati & Her Four Years in Psychology

A lot of people been asking, How does it feel being a Psychology student? IT IS SUPER TIRING! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! Really? Well, let me tell you a story about a very good friend of mine, named Jasmine  Melati. Melati & Her Four Years in Psychology Melati was a social science student and just graduated from high school. She was a straight As student and luckily got a chance to enroll University without a test. Sadly she didn't know what major to choose. Somebody said she should choose Communication, other one said psychology would fit perfectly, then someone encouraged her to choose Management. It took her a month to decide. Then after days of thinking about those options and considerate many things, she decided to choose Psychology. Psychology is not a new thing for her. Her mom was a master graduate from psychology and now working in recruitment area. So does her dad who work in HR. She also fully aware that psychology student will learn about abnormal stuf

Loving Someone: Irrationally & Rationally

In my almost 22 years of living in this planet, there is a question that keep bugging me since forever: What is love? Seriously, what is it?? In my journey of becoming adult (who plan to be settled in, yeah, few years from now) I keep asking myself everything, including love. Love, for me, is a mysterious thing. Yes, in psychology we learn about love. But I never took any class of interpersonal relationship, because I find it too menye-menye useless. Love is much more confusing than statistics, because we talk about hmmm people feelings? Seriously, what is love itself? Does love mean you attracted to the idea of a person? Does love mean you are too much in love with yourself and you try to find someone who worship you? And, how do you explain that you are really in love? Have you ever looked at someone and then immediately saying, 'Yep, he's the one!'? Then suddenly your life is full of flowers and confetti, you accept every flaws in that pe

Creating Slides to Impress

I believe in love at the first sight. Well, not love as in romantic relationship, but audiences' love for you when you're about to present something. Or we usually called it First Impression. I believe First Impression is so important . Have you ever heard the term dress to impress? You put on you best suit to attract other people visually. So you would please their eyes by having a very high face validity -- regardless the fact that you might only be blabbering non-sense. I worship face validity so much, because I always talk non-sense  that is the first way to engage audiences. One of my way to get my audiences is by creating awesome visual experience, YES I AM TALKING ABOUT MAKING GOOD PPT SLIDES! I mean, seriously people, it's 2016 and why the hell are you still making PPTs like you just carved something out of the rocks? Using powerpoint is not that hard! You just need to learn the basic and then, voila, you can design almost everythingggg! Lucky you, I am s

Why It Sucks Being An Extroverts

We are not shy, we're just introverts I don't find it comfortable being around people, I'm introvert I am introvert, please understand me and there goes so many articles about embracing your introversion. No, I don't have any problem with introverts. 4 years dealing with people personality, I come to the conclusion that everyone is the same yet unique. You just have to find what fits you the most. In my case, I am >80% extrovert. Yes, it is considerably high level of extroversion. I found myself absorb the energy from my surroundings that much. In exchange, I radiate that much energy, too. These go both ways. I've done a lot of personality test (facebook version and real psychological version), and the result is the same. I tend to get energy from other people. Oh so super extrovert. Found this 1000000000% TRUE!!! Being extroverts might look easy (as told by my introverts fellas), but it is actually not that easy. Here's some