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Why It Sucks Being An Extroverts

We are not shy, we're just introverts
I don't find it comfortable being around people, I'm introvert
I am introvert, please understand me

and there goes so many articles about embracing your introversion.

No, I don't have any problem with introverts. 4 years dealing with people personality, I come to the conclusion that everyone is the same yet unique. You just have to find what fits you the most.

In my case, I am >80% extrovert. Yes, it is considerably high level of extroversion. I found myself absorb the energy from my surroundings that much. In exchange, I radiate that much energy, too. These go both ways. I've done a lot of personality test (facebook version and real psychological version), and the result is the same. I tend to get energy from other people. Oh so super extrovert.

Found this 1000000000% TRUE!!!

Being extroverts might look easy (as told by my introverts fellas), but it is actually not that easy. Here's some of the reasons why:

A. When You are Surrounded by So Much Negativity
As I told you earlier, we absorb energy from our surroundings, and it kills us if there's too much negativity. When I give a training, I try to engage the audiences the best I could. Somehow, there are some situations where audiences had a very low energy, This is exhausting. It feels like they didn't bounce me back the energy I gave them. Some other time, I had to visit Panti Sosial for psychotics. I almost die after the visit. I don't know why, but I feel very tired. Maybe because most of the people there just didn't radiate some positivity?

B. You Sick of Seeing People, Yet You Don't Want to be Alone
Yes, sometimes I do feel like I'm tired and I don't want to see anyone. At the same time, I don't like to be alone! Isn't it super confusing? What should I do then??
It often happens when I'm having PMS (or now, when I feel super burnout toward my thesis defense). It feels like I want to go home, but I don't want to go home. I need someone to comfort me, yet I don't want to be around anyone. Boys, if you think girls are confusing, note that sometimes we don't understand ourselves.

Wow. Pretty tough life you got there. 
Any tips on how to get rid of your extrovert's problems?
Yep! I have my own way to recharge myself again.

a. Give and Take
I should initiate the positive vibes first! That's why I learn so much things to give a good first impression. I believe, my first impression would determine how you react toward me. If I manage it well, I could re-absorb your energy again.
It's all about give and take, people. You give extroverts positive vibes, we guarantee you double happiness.

b. Cut Out Negative People
Hey, we could easily approach new people. So why bother keeping the negative ones? Well yeah, I mean, they won't give you anything good, right? 
And this is another way to tell: If I'm having a bad mood and keep insisting to meet you in person, that means you are my fuel of happiness.
Yes, I'm talking to you, dear Significant Others who I keep inviting for a meet up!

c. Alone in Crowd
I do this pretty often: Go out by myself to cafe, park, malls. Just to be with people, but don't want to talk with people.

d. Ice Cream

So, are you with me fellow extroverts?


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