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Dieng Culture Festival 2016: Perjalanan Ke Negeri Di Atas Awan

Semua bermula ketika saya mengobrol dengan coach sekitar 2 bulan lalu. "Saya kemarin main di #JazzAtasAwan lho. Salah satu acaranya Dieng Culture Festival." "#JazzAtasAwan? Maksudnya main di gunung gitu? Apa rasanya?" "Dingin banget! Kebayang gak kamu nge-band di suhu 4 derajat celcius malam-malam!" Dan sejak saat itu, saya terobsesi untuk pergi melihat langsung acara Dieng Culture Festival ini. Bagi yang belum familiar, Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) adalah acara tahunan yang diadakan Pemda Jawa Tengah. Festival ini diadakan untuk mempopulerkan ritual tahunan pemotongan rambut anak gimbal. Tak hanya melestarikan tradisi turun temurun, DCF juga memberikan suguhan unik seperti pentas wayang, dan yang tak kalah populer adalah #JazzAtasAwan. Tahun ini merupakan kali ketujuh DCF dan merupakan kali keempat #JazzAtasAwan diselenggarakan. Selengkapnya mengenai DCF bisa kamu lihat di official website ini . Saya mulai browsing mengenai DCF sejak

Addicted to Webtoon!

You may not know, but I love comic! I read some comics like Detective Conan, Donald Duck, TinTin, Kindaichi, Naruto, Benny & Mice, Lat, etc. Yeah, I'm not into girly comic. I prefer detective or daily life genre. Surprise, surprise! Nowadays, comic is not as cheap as it was. I remember buying comic only Rp 7.500, now it's up to Rp 22.000 (I'm broke af #cry). Now for physical comic, I only buy Detective Conan which published every month. The problem is, I'm hungry for comic! Waiting a month for a Conan is not worth an hour reading it. THANK GOD SOMEBODY CREATE WEBTOON ! Heaven is reaaaaallll~ You can google yourself for the history of Webtoon, what I know is this Webtoon app affiliated with LINE.  I find this app is very genius. You only need to swipe or scroll down to read the comic. Honestly I prefer Webtoon than reading manga online. Because yeah, manga online is in printed format. Sometimes it's kinda annoying reading printed format online. Sure


"Everyone's got some baggage; it's a part of life. " - Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother S05E23 Everyone has, at least, one baggage I worship this quote so much. For those who doesn't know, a 'baggage' here representing a problem that every single one of us carrying. The baggage might be big or small, might be heavy or light, might be something from the past or something that we're anxious about in the future. Basically, we all have at least one. Do I have a baggage? Yes, I do.  Well, actually I got plenty.  Some of them are big baggage, some of them just small daily hassles. It's not easy to get rid of my baggage. Especially when it comes to a big baggage. Sometimes other people even putting more weight to my baggage. I have to say, baggage could exhaust me physically, mentally, and emotionally. "But like anything else, it's easier when someone gives you a hand with it." Sharing the baggage Thank God, Ted give a gl