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Addicted to Webtoon!

You may not know, but I love comic! I read some comics like Detective Conan, Donald Duck, TinTin, Kindaichi, Naruto, Benny & Mice, Lat, etc. Yeah, I'm not into girly comic. I prefer detective or daily life genre. Surprise, surprise!
Nowadays, comic is not as cheap as it was. I remember buying comic only Rp 7.500, now it's up to Rp 22.000 (I'm broke af #cry). Now for physical comic, I only buy Detective Conan which published every month. The problem is, I'm hungry for comic! Waiting a month for a Conan is not worth an hour reading it.


Heaven is reaaaaallll~
You can google yourself for the history of Webtoon, what I know is this Webtoon app affiliated with LINE.  I find this app is very genius. You only need to swipe or scroll down to read the comic. Honestly I prefer Webtoon than reading manga online. Because yeah, manga online is in printed format. Sometimes it's kinda annoying reading printed format online. Surely online comic would be so promising in the future.
Anywayy, I know about this app last year, since then Webtoon is my current obsession. I will share some of the comic I follow on Webtoon!

English Version
It is waaay much much complete and update than Bahasa Indonesia version. It has sooo many good series, some of them already finished, but I think worth to take a peek. In no particular order, here are my favorites:

1. The Girl From Class (already finished)
2. Smile Brush (already finished)
3. Kids Are All Right (already finished)
4. Family Man (already finished)
5. A Bittersweet Life (hiatus??)
6. How To Love (sadly, already finished)
I loveeee this webtoon series so muchhh! The writer explains all about love in a very simple way, yet so philosphycal. I warn you, it correlates to your love life very much. Wonder if the writer a psychologist...

7. Tales of The Unusual (still on going)
A weird horror story, expect the unexpected plot twist.
8. Lunarbaboon (still on going)
A heartwarming comic strip about parenting.
9. Roar Street Journal (still on going)
I love the drawing sooo much!
10. Blue Chair (still on going)
11. Dr. Frost (still on going)
I approve the good looking Dr. Frost and how the writer try to explain psychology to non-psychology
I wish I have a lecturer as eye-candy as Dr. Frost

12. Yumi's Cells (still on going)
This series is Inside Out. SOOOO FUNNYYYY!!!!!!!

Bahasa Indonesia Version
1. About Death (sudah tamat)
Ini series yang filosofis banget. Makanya lebih mudah dicerna dalam bahasa indonesia. Daaan ini kali pertama saya baca komik yang ada alunan musiknya juga!
2. God of Bath (sudah tamat)
Sebenarnya series ini ada dalam bahasa inggris, tapi saya lebih suka bahasa indonesia karena, duh, terjemahannya rasanya pas banget!
3. Family Over Flowers (masih berlanjut)
Aduh engga ngerti lagi deh ini sama isi otak pengarangnya. JUARA!
4. Tahilalats (masih berlanjut)
Tahilalats itu wabah. Enough said.

Yuppp, that's all the list of my favorite webtoon. Agree with me? Or do you have any recommendation? :D


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