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"Everyone's got some baggage; it's a part of life."
- Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother S05E23

Everyone has, at least, one baggage
I worship this quote so much.
For those who doesn't know, a 'baggage' here representing a problem that every single one of us carrying. The baggage might be big or small, might be heavy or light, might be something from the past or something that we're anxious about in the future. Basically, we all have at least one.

Do I have a baggage? Yes, I do. Well, actually I got plenty. 
Some of them are big baggage, some of them just small daily hassles.
It's not easy to get rid of my baggage. Especially when it comes to a big baggage. Sometimes other people even putting more weight to my baggage. I have to say, baggage could exhaust me physically, mentally, and emotionally.
"But like anything else, it's easier when someone gives you a hand with it."
Sharing the baggage
Thank God, Ted give a glimpse of solution on how to handle the baggage we're carrying.
Just like a real baggage, two person carrying heavy baggage could make it a bit lighter. I agree on this one so much.

'Giving a hand' means letting other person take your baggage
Not fully taking your baggage. That means you runaway from your problems, so irresponsible.
We could start by open up to other people about how we feel toward our own baggage. Somehow when you spill out your problems, it feels like reducing the weight you're carrying.
Actually, writing a blog/tweeting is one of my way of reducing the weight of my heavy baggage. But remember to spill them out responsibly!

But then I saw this pic
Still from HIMYM, tho

Unpacking is waaay beyond giving a hand
Unpacking for me, means that you're not only helping someone carrying. You are helping someone open up the baggage and take whatever the weigh and throw them out of the baggage.
You see, it's way much more tiring. This person must be loving you so much that he/she voluntarily helping you unpacking. (Well, I said 'voluntarily' because counselor helps you unpacking too, but with a fee :p)
Sometimes I wonder if I ever have one...

Let's change the point of view
Sometimes I wonder, am I strong enough to help someone carry/unpack the baggage? I want someone to help me, but am I ready to do the same thing, too? I mean, life is about give and take, yes?
Someone said to me, "It's actually very very tiring to carry other baggage. Because you already got your own baggage."
Hmm make sense. Can you imagine carrying bags in each of your hands, and a backpack, and someone handed you some bags, and now you're wondering how to carry them all... What should I do then??

Put down your baggage first, then you're ready to carry another one.
Solve your problems first, then you are ready to help other people. We all have limitation. You can't force yourself to carry that much baggage at the same time. Make yourself stronger first, then you're ready to carry more baggage.

Good luck on carrying the baggage! ;)


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