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Melati & Her Four Years in Psychology

A lot of people been asking,

How does it feel being a Psychology student?

Well, let me tell you a story about a very good friend of mine, named Jasmine Melati.

Melati & Her Four Years in Psychology

Melati was a social science student and just graduated from high school. She was a straight As student and luckily got a chance to enroll University without a test. Sadly she didn't know what major to choose. Somebody said she should choose Communication, other one said psychology would fit perfectly, then someone encouraged her to choose Management. It took her a month to decide. Then after days of thinking about those options and considerate many things, she decided to choose Psychology.

Psychology is not a new thing for her. Her mom was a master graduate from psychology and now working in recruitment area. So does her dad who work in HR. She also fully aware that psychology student will learn about abnormal stuffs (which she doesn't like because she got bad marks on biology). Even before the first day of college, she knew that she will never ever take the clinical psychology major. Little did she knew, she's about to enter 4 years of struggle...

"We are developing new curriculum where you could learn ALL majors in psychology, 
so batch 2012 wouldn't t need to pick any major." 

Her GPA in every semester was so dynamic. She even had reached a point where it was so close to only 3.0. She almost failed in all statistic classes, abnormal psychology, and bio-psychology. Those subjects were never her interest. But she knew she fell in love in social psy, educational psy, and of course industrial and organizational psy! These subjects were her only chance to gain good grades.
She then finally decided not to focus much in academic stuffs, pass the subject and maintain the GPA above 3 is just enough for her.

She's been told that getting a psy degree is not easy. Only half of the freshmen would make it to the Balairung. Yes, she's afraid she wouldn't make it to Balairung. Skripsi sounds scary to her. She can't even imagined herself doing research and defense it alone.

But it's not Melati, if she didn't plan anything ;)

She was fully aware, she would get bored easily.
So she had and needed to know about her topic interest A.S.A.P (apparently, it was on her 6th semester).
She was fully aware, she would be afraid of defensing her skripsi to 'killer' lecturers.
So she picked psy major who has least amount of 'killer' lecturers.
She was fully aware, She might need more than 1 semester to create skripsi.
So she approached the skripsi advisor since 7th semester.
She was fully aware, she was just sooo bad in statictic.
So she planned to join research group where she could have a backup in statistic stuffs.

And then, there she is.
6th of June 2016 was the day she's been planning since the 3rd semester.
She did it!
Melati Julia Jasmine, S.Psi.

By this post, I would like to thank everyone who's been a part in my journey of 4 years in psychology.
I'm about to mention some names, but then I realize they were SO MANY this post would be like a credit scene after a movie.
How lucky I am being surrounded by amazing and supportive people.

The unlimited words of grateful goes to Avia, Disda, Malinda, and Mbe. Thank you, #MBGNDR!


  1. Halo kak! Makasih bgt postingannya bikin aku mau ngikutin jejak kak Mine! Kalo boleh tau psy major apa yg kak mine pilih dan punya killer lecturersnya paling sedikit itu kak hehe, aku baca post ini kayak lgsg..... "ini gue bgt juga" gitu loh soale :")

    1. Haloooo!
      Aku tertarik dgn karir,which is ada di Pendidikan. Overall sbnrnya dosen psiko itu ga killer sih. Cuma yg tipe-tipe nya pas sama aku tuh dosen2 di pendidikan dan pio ehehe.
      Good luck ya menuntaskan kuliah psikonyaaa! :)


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