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Circle of Friends

"When you get older, your circle of friends would become smaller and smaller." 

My dad told me this gazillion times whenever he did a once a year reunion with his college friends. And yes, it's a very small number of reunion attendees.
I didn't even try to believe what my father told me. Hello, I am a kind of girl who easily blend in any groups. I could say, I got pretty much a lot of friends. And my plus point would be: I have a lot of energy, especially when it comes to a meet up. I said to myself, "I would do anything to meet up with as many friends I have. That's what friends are for!"

Then reality hits me.
I was young, I was naive.
I forgot that I only got 24hours in a day.
Now I struggle on juggling the balls of work, health, love, and fun. I got a very limited of time on balancing those balls. I need to manage them well. As for now, I put fun as the least priority. I could say, I only give fun 15% of my time in a week. Which means, I only get a limited time to meet friends. And of course, there are several closest friends I'd love to meet. But whom to meet first in your very limited of time?
It's all about priorities.

I must say, I have several circle of friends I would like to keep because these guys give me a positive vibes. I would do anything to meet up with them. But as months goes by, I could categorize this people into few groups again:

Friends Who Are Always Ready To Hang Out
"Hey, let's go to X tomorrow after office!"
"Yeah, see you!"
I tell you, this kind of friend is worth keeping. They're always ready. Not that mean they're not busy, but you are the #1 on their list so they would do anything to meet you. A bit impulsive, I know. But sometimes we need an element of spontaneous in our life, yes?

Friends Who Are Busy But Still Try To Make Time For You
"Hey, let's go to X tomorrow night!"
"Pretty busy tomorrow night. The day after or today?"
I have a very best friend who happened to be always busy. But whenever I ask for a quick meet up, this person would say yes. Somehow, it shows the willingness to really meet you and you are that worth to meet. Stay close with this kind of friends.

Friends Who Are Just Out Of Your Reach
"Hey, let's meet up tomorrow!"
"I can't. I already have a schedule."
"Well, okay, when will you be available?"
"Let's have it next month!"
Just don't bother hoping for a meet up. 90% guaranteed, a meet up won't happen if you schedule it in 2 weeks. Based on my experiences, 1 week is enough. If it's more than one week, both of you will forget the appointment. Simply because you become less important for them. I kid you not, the longer the time period, the lesser the chance these kind of meet ups would happen.
Yes, I know you still wanna be friends with this people. But now you have to try to let go this person. It is not a healthy relationship where only one person gives an effort. You need to know, we can't put everyone on our #1 list.

Reality slapped me so hard. 
Being adult not only mean managing your time, money, etc. 
Turns out you have to manage your friends too.

ugly truth, baby.

Wish me luck to keep and let go :')


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