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Things I'll Do If I Get Back To Poland

I miss Poland! Very very much!

"From all the countries in Europe and you miss Poland? Why?"
Yeah, I know it's weird. But Warsaw, Poland is the very first city/country I've ever lived in for more than 2 weeks beside Jakarta (I was born and raised in Jakarta, duh). That was the first time I've ever lived by myself. It was the first time I experienced winter. I can still remember exactly how happy I am touching my first snow and feeling the real minus temperature. I miss showing off my super basic Polish. I miss being center of attention beacuse I'm small and wear hijab. I miss trying new food. It was just so unforgettable.

For those who wonder, I was in Poland on a purpose. I did a voluntary exchange for 2 months (January to February 2014) in Warsaw. I was in a project called Enter Your Future arranged by AIESEC in University of Warsaw. If you ask me where did I learn to present (in English) and handle a class, well thanks to this project. Every week I had to present about Indonesia to high school students around Warsaw and created a workshop at the end of the week. It was super challenging. But now, I miss it so muccchhhh!

Someday I plan to go back to Poland. And once I get there, here's the list I want to do:

Say Hi to My Hostfamily
I was living with hostfamily for about a week because the first school I gotta teach was 2 hours away from Central Warsaw. So expect the very big houses there, very big they look like the houses in movie. The family has 3 sons and 1 daughter, my favorite is the 3 year old cutie named Iwo! Aww, I miss playing puzzle with him. I guess he's in elementary school now. My  host parent also very very welcomed. They dropped us off to school, picked us up, took us to nice restaurants, OMG the best week everrrr! Wish I could go back there and give a warm gift from Indonesia to decorate their pretty house.

Catching Up with My Students
I sometime spent time talking with my students between classes. Wonder how are they doing right now. I hope all of you guys pass the MATURA exam and now studying in the major you love!

Have a Proper Photo in Old Town
I was wandering here alone. Too afraid to ask someone to take my pic. So I did a failed selfie. Well yeah...

Eat Pierogi, Salty Sticky; Yogurt, Super Big Kebab, Rice Milk, Wedel Chocolate, Tasty Ice Cream, Cheap Super Market Chicken Thighs, Polish-Tasty-Cake-I-Forgot-The-Name, Eat-in-School-Canteen-Because-I-Love-It-Don't-Judge-Me.

Meet ALL The OCs of Enter Your Future
The amazing guys who arranged the best project everrrr!!! I promise if I ever got back to Poland, I will make time to meet you; Emilia, Marek, Bogusia, Paulina, Natalia, Mateusz. I still really miss those last days I spend with you and how I can't hold my tears when I about to enter Polska Bus to go home. I can not thank you guys enough.

Visit Adventura, My Super Cozy Home for Two Months
Located in Franzscuka, this hostel is the coziest hostel I've ever been. If you go by the train, you can stop at Stadium Narodowy, cross the road and walk for about 10 minutes (20 minutes if it's super slippery). Adventure is on the right. After Franszcuka Cafe with a statue and in the same building with the post office on the right. (Wow I still remember!)
I really want to see Dominika and Bartek. Checking out how's my signature drawing in the wall (hopefully still there). Cooking something in the kitchen and enjoy the meal in dining/living room. And the only place I want to sleep is the biggest room there called Ocean Room, the upper bunk bed on the right. I hope I won't cry myself to sleep when I get there because I'm pretty sure it'll remind me of my girls roomie and the chit chat we did every night. I miss you guys so much.

Last but not the least, I hope we could have a reunion. 
Still waiting for you to come to Indonesia :)


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