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Rewarding Myself: A Wireless Pointer

There's always first time for everything.

As for me, I just bought something online for the first time in forever!
Yes, I am that conventional, I am still skeptical on online shopping. What if the seller is fake? What if the package broken? What if the goods aren't as good as I expected? Too much anxiety.
But I must admit, everything is cheaper online and I don't have time to wander around shops to buy something. As in I'm not good at bargaining too...

But hey, today I just bought something online! And this is the thing I always want since forever. Guess what?


Captured by @RizaNgrh, took him about 15mins because we're not that aesthetic

"Well, what so special from a wireless pointer?"
A LOT! As I always tell you, I am so into presentation thingy. Having a laptop that could connect to a projector is a must. And it is a plus point if you have a wireless pointer. You don't need to rely on someone clicking the slide on your presentation (admit it, saying 'next slide please' is pretty annoying). Moreover, you'll look super professional. Which is super important to enhance your face validity. HEHEHE.

"Well, why you just buy it now? You could buy it since long time ago when you're still in campus doing a lot training/presentation, don't you?"
Yes, I could. But I want to buy it from my first salary. It's a different feeling ya know.
Somehow, having this presentation kit, kinda giving me a pressure to use it.

Well, I HAVE TO USE IT! I already buy it.
I have to find a way to use it. Whether it's training, workshop, or anything.

This is just a beginning, a very first step, 
of many cool presentations I'll do in the future.

Wish me luckkkkk!!! :D


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