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A Small Lecture About Career (Part 2)

When I write this post, I feel so anxious toward my thesis defense next week.
Yep, and instead of preparing a presentation, I end up writing something in here.

Now let me continue my small lecture about career.
Well, this could be a good exercise for me as I will present these materials next week.

On my last lecture, we already know that every individual has career development phase throughout his life. In order to make the transition in each phase smoother, we have to be an adaptive person.

In career theory, we named it 'Career Adaptability'.

Okay, seriously what is career adaptability and please answer it in a very simple way?
Well, to make it very simple, if you are a person with a high adaptability in career, it means you can manage to overcome the challenges you face in each career phase.
Got it? I hope so...

Well, pretty much understand-able.
Then how to be a person with a high adaptability in career?
You only need to implement the 4 C's attitude!
a.) Career Concern
It's all about how you fully aware to take care about your future career.
b.) Career Curiosity
You tend to look as many information as possible about yourself and your potential future career.
c.) Career Confidence
You are most likely believe in yourself that you can overcome the threats in achieving your career.
d.) Career Control
You have a full control of your career path, you create your own future!

Wow cool! I believe career adaptability is not something just popped out of nowhere right?
Yep, there are several factors affected your career adaptability.
Three of them are the role of your friends, parent, and school.
Which has significant correlation to career adaptability, scientifically proven by my thesis topic (HUAHAHA!)

What I can conclude from this small lecture?
It is very important to have a high career adaptability.
Yet, the way to raise your adaptability is to surround yourself with positive vibes.

Because I'm so nice, here I found a nice graph concluding my small lectures.
I believe this is a never ending cycle, 
yet it will take not really a short time to finish one phase.

Hope this random lecture helps!


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